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ST5 GT Carbon

The Stilo ST5 is the new generation of full face helmet from Stilo. The cutout for the eyeport on all ST5 helmets is taller than the previous ST4 and has a special visor to accommodate the larger opening. Redesigned shell that optimizes shell size, airflow, visibility, and weight. Carries a Snell SA-2015 certification. Features a much larger visor than previous models and opens past the line of sight......

Emergency Wiring Kit

Emergency wiring kit for helmet electronics. To be used when the primary electronics in your helmet becomes inoperable.

Alternate 12v Power Supply

Alternate 12v Power supply for the WRC and Trophy intercom systems. To be used in emergency situations where your primary power supply becomes inoperative. Convert your WRC and Trophy intercom from 9 volt battery power to run off your cars 12 volt supply. With this adaptor you will never loose communication half way through a stage due to a run down battery. There will be no need to fit batteries ever again.

Stilo Open Face Visor

These are short, half-height visors for use on Open Face Helmets like the WRC DES or Trophy which give your eyes protection from debris and wind, yet do not cover your entire face to leave plenty of room for air circulation and heat dissipation. You will need the screw kit if you plan to add this in addition to the peak visor that comes with the helmet.

Stilo Peak Visor

The Peak Visor is analogous to the brim of a hat. It is very effective at blocking the sun from your eyes. The Stilo peak visor can be lowered to adjust to the sun's location on the horizon. Can be used on any Stilo helmet except the ST4 Formula - be sure to order the correct screw kit below - the hardware is very specific. When using the Peak visor in conjunction with a normal visor, you will need part YA0710......